Venice Beach - Brohard Paw Park

Brohard Paw Park is a dog-friendly stretch of sand along Venice Beach that lets pet owners run and splash and hang with their furry friends.

Brohard Paw Park On Venice Beach

Brohard Paw Park is the Dog-Friendly Beach in Venice

Brohard Beach is unique in Sarasota County. Dogs are not allowed on most beaches in the area but in the Paw Park, they get to be the stars. Off-leash and contained for the dogs to run free, it is a great place to let the dogs have their day. Includes amenities for their human friends including restrooms and picnic tables. Alongside it is a wetland area for fishing and bird watching. Visitors come to the area because it is well known throughout Florida for being one of the best. Humans still need to supervise to keep their pets safe.


Park Location

  • 1850 Harbor Dr S, Venice, FL 34285


  • 7 a.m. -dusk

Park GPS Coordinates

  • Lattidude: 27.06924679612158
  • Longitude: -82.44701757877415

Certified Blue Wave Beach

Beaches that follow certain guidelines can earn the designation of a Certified Blue Wave Beach. This means tourists can feel safe coming to the beach. Beach communities have been encouraged to keep the sand and surf safe for every visitor which means working together to focus on certain elements, including ways to move the body (walk, run, swim) safely, maintain a walkover or space for walking, healthy seafood, leave no trace, and respecting the ocean among the others. To follow these guidelines shows a commitment to making the space healthy and fun for every person who visits the beach.

Venice Beach

When visitors come to Venice Beach, they are met by a ‘sail’ style pavilion along with a beach restroom building. Parking is free with lifeguards available. Camping and fires are not allowed. Visits to this beach provide views of dolphins and shorebirds and even nesting marine turtles between May and October. Free sand volleyball courts are available alongside the beach. Many dog owners come to the dog park where they can unleash their pets in a contained environment and let them run across surf and sand.


Shark Tooth Capital

Going shark tooth hunting is one of the more fun activities people come to the beach to do. By hand or with a basket, visitors can scoop and sift sand while looking for shark teeth. Grab a basket at some Venice shops or local stories. Searching for prehistoric teeth can be a fun, easy going family activity as well.


Dolphin Spotting

Don’t forget to take a moment on the way to the dog park to look for bottlenose dolphins. They love to frolic offshore and look for food. They are a common sight so keep your eyes open. The Venice Jetty is also one place to look. Fishermen love to visit the Jetty to find a great catch.


Consider the Pooches

When bringing the pooches to Brohard Paw Park, there are lots of fun things to do. Dogs of all sizes are welcome to come, swim, run, jump, and play. Bring some chairs and coolers to make a day of it. Take advantage of a small free parking lot next to the entrance of the paw park. The sand is soft and water is a pretty aqua color. The beach area is large enough to let dogs both big and small enjoy the open air and fresh water. While dogs play, kids, families, and adults alike will enjoy shark tooth hunting, looking for shells or playing games with their pooches. Also take advantage of the dog wash station to conclude a fun trip to the beach.


Brohard Paw Park FAQ

A: It is the only off-leash dog park in Sarasota County. Other beaches in the area do not allow dogs on the beach, only on the boardwalk. Please note, service dogs ARE allowed, however.

A: Brohard Beach amenities include dog showers, separate fenced area for different sized dogs, leash posts, benches, restrooms, and doggie fountains to make the experience fun.

A: The beach area is the safest for dogs anywhere in the county. Depending on water conditions, dogs can even go play in the water and most love taking a dip on a warm day. It is a great way to meet other dog parents.