Restaurants With Docks

There’s nothing better than sipping drinks and enjoying fresh seafood right alongside the water. Check out these amazing restaurants with docks and seaside dining!

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Sarasota Restaurants with Docks

Sarasota is a place to go where the views are spectacular and the dockside dining even better. To experience all Sarasota has to offer for dining options, look no further than dockside restaurants and bars. Visitors come from all around to experience boating out in the bay and stop in for a bite to eat where fresh seafood is the catch of the day and everything from budget-friendly to fine dining is available. Check out some of the best options in Sarasota.


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Evie's Spanish Point & Tiki Bar

The Point is the newest addition to the Evie’s Family. Located at the water’s edge of Little Sarasota Bay in Osprey, FL. The Point has three floors of casual waterfront dining. The ground floor offers a large seating area with two fire pits. A great location for any party or fundraising event. The second floor is the perfect place to enjoy a sit-down meal and watch the water. The third floor is dedicated to the sunset. Come enjoy the view with a cold cocktail and live entertainment.

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Star Fish Co.

Located in Cortez, StarFish offers cash only dockside dining with fresh fish served plain and simple. Look for long lines during the busy season as everyone wants a taste of what is available. Star Fish Company serves simple sides along with fresh seafood. Their goal is to keep it simple but make the food great and memorable.


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Dry Dock Waterfront Grill

Located in Longboat Key, Dry Dock is a well known dockside restaurant serving up fish, sandwiches and entrees. Dry Dock food is offered on a beautiful waterfront patio with a fueling station available at Boathouse on Longboat nearby. Both casual and fine dining is available inside or outside. Fresh local seafood is brought in from the Gulf of Mexico for diners.


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Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant & Pub

Mar Vista is a unique location with h14 slip docks for multiple size boats to rock up and dine in. Enjoy a restaurant in the backyard among the trees and shade or just have a drink from the bar. This restaurant is top rated for serving locally sourced seafood and heritage items. Private beach available with a full bar makes it a moment to remember.


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Marina Jack

Sarasota’s bayfront is the heart of the area. People love to explore by land and by water all the bayfront has to offer. This includes Marina Jac’s restaurant with two floors of dining. Four different food concepts are on offer here: fine dining, outdoor, indoor piano bar and a banquet room. This can accommodate more people for various options including Happy Hour drinks, lunch cruises out on the bay with food and also dockside dining as a popular way to enjoy a drink and dining experience.


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New Pass Grill & Bait Shop

Don’t overlook this unique experience in Sarasota. Famous for burgers, the shack makes it a great place to hit up before or after a few drinks or night out and tuck into some tasty cuisine that won’t break the bank. Accessible by car and boat with views of the bay. Award-winning burgers on offer since 1929.


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Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar

After cruising the keys following a long day, an oyster bar is a perfect place to unwind and check out the sunset. Along with oysters is a variety of fresh fish, lobster, steak, and cocktails on order. Dine inside or out, the boat docks are right in front of the restaurant. Docks and fine dining are on offer with some of the best seafood in the area.