With this much coastline, it’s no surprise that the SunCoast boasts some of the most talented rowing teams in the world. Grab a paddle and row the shores of the gulf coast with us!

Rowing Sarasota

Sarasota County offers rowers the chance to get into shape (beginners) and showcase their skills (long haulers). Nathan Benderson Park was awarded the 2017 FISA Wold Rowing Championship, featuring world class athletes from all corners of the globe. This park also hosted the 2015 US Rowing Youth National Championships and the 2016 Olympic trials in rowing and modern pentathlon. It is hard to beat that image of what Sarasota offers rowers who are new to the sport and those who are experienced. Find out more about why rowing is so heralded in Sarasota and how to get started.

Why Sarasota Rows

People who come to Sarasota may come from all over to experience the beautiful, clear and calm waters early in the morning or late in the evening after beach goers and revelers before they arrive or after they’ve departed. The beauty of the scenery of Intercoastal Highway vistas, seeing manatees up close or spotting other wildlife in the water as stroke after stroke pushes the body and boat further and harder can be a draw for visitors. Locals love to paddle out and experience rowing in the Gulf.


Rowing Programs

One of the beautiful things about Sarasota are the plethora of programs available from learning to row to everything in between. Check out some of the programs available to beginners on up:

  • Sarasota County Rowing Club (SCRC) has a facility next to Scullers at Blackburn Point Park for masters rowers
  • Sarasota Crew offers middle to high school competitive teams and the largest youth program nationwide
  • Lemon Bay Rowing Club in South County has boats within Indian Mound Park
  • Sarasota Scullers is the oldest program around operating in Blackburn Point Park with competitive teams for middle through high school athletes. 
  • Sarasota has an adaptive rowing program (SARP) to specialize in para-athletes and driving them to build skills while supporting their adaptive needs

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Where to Row

Nathan Benderson Park is the most well known, along with Blackburn Point Park, Indian Mound, and Myakka State River. Nathan Benderson Park is home to sliding sculls, dragon boats, and world-class international events. With rowing and festivals going on, the park offers something nowhere else has, a focus on the sport of rowing. The World Rowing Championships took place at this park in 2017 bringing visitors from around the world to Sarasota’s shores. The space is p public for anyone to enjoy. Grab a picnic and watch the rowers or jump in with a class for beginners on up.


Rowing Equipment Rental

Sarasota rowers can grab equipment from various places near the parks and around town. From kayaks and bikes to boats, the best place to grab equipment exists right at Nathan Benderson Park. Shops in and around Sarasota will offer equipment, tips, and other rentals to help visitors get into the water quickly.