Manasota Key - Anna Maria Island

Manasota Key is an eco destination with beautiful, quiet habitats to explore and out-of-the-way places far from the hustle and bustle of other area beaches. The slower tempo of exploring Manasota Key’s wildlife and habitat is like discovering a secret paradise right off the Gulf Coast.

Manasota Key - Anna Maria Island

Manasota Key is an Ecological Haven

Manasota Key itself is around 11 miles long. A peninsula turned barrier island, the key continues on into other popular beach areas like Caspersen Beach on into Venice city. The Manasota Key is on the Gulf of Mexico and considered a sanctuary to explore the quiet ecological habitats and waterways nearby. A coastal paradise unlike any other, it is well known for inviting guests to stop and take some moments for themselves. The slow pace invites people to check out some of its riches, both outward and hidden gems waiting to be found:

  • Manasota Beach: less crowded than other beaches in the area but well known as a gorgeous beach with recreational activities and space to explore the sand and water. Offers picnic shelters, boat ramps and paved trails
  • Blind Pass Beach: offers amenities but no lifeguards. A great place to try out watercraft like kayaks or wind through mangrove trees on the trail
  • Englewood Beach: more crowded than previous beaches mentioned but still beautiful with lots of golden sand to explore and wildlife off the shore
  • Stump Pass Beach: more or less deserted which can be enriching for the adventurous traveler. A visitor must go by boat or foot to the beach. Stump Pass State Park is nearby offering kayaking and beachcombing or just enjoying a non filtered, quiet sunset over the water



  • 7am - 9pm

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Manasota Key - Anna Maria Island

Although Manasota Key feels a bit rustic, this ‘old Florida' charm of an area brings in visitors from all over who want to dive in and explore its ecological wonders. Located on the Gulf Coast near the end of Anna Maria Island, there is little parking outside streetside or minimal parking near the beach but offers an adventure lovers playground along with a quiet beach for families. There are a few access points to this area off Manasota Key Road in Englewood to reach the beach area.

Manasota Key FAQs

A:  Manasota Key offers free parking next to the beach for visitors and ample street parking.

A: There are 4 beaches to choose from on this key, suitable for swimming. Englewood Beach gets busier than the others while Stump Pass and Middle/Blind Pass Beaches all have great open space to swim in more quiet corners of the key.

A: Stump Pass Beach Park is a state park, one of the four barrier islands that comprise Barrier Islands Geopark. There are 245 total acres on the Southern tip of Manasota Key with quiet, pristine beaches on Lemon Bay and the Gulf Coast. Ecological tours are available.

Visit Manasota Key

Heading out to Manasota Key for some fun in the surf and sand is a great way to spend time but it helps to know where to find the right accommodation and rental items to make a stay exciting, restful, or whatever way is desired. Some things to consider about Manasota Key:

  • Check out Manasota Beach rentals on and near Anna Maria Island who offer rentals and delivery of watercraft direct to visitors’ doorsteps. Also consider long-term rental for cheaper rates or stay where these are provided as a package deal
  • Look out for dune trails and boat ramps to launch watercraft or head out to nearby mangrove tunnels on a tour with both kayak and paddle boards
  • Take a day pass to Stump Pass Beach Park on the southern end of Manasota Key for wildlife xploration. Look for West Indian Manatee or endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Seashore Eco Tours and Lemon Bay Tours are two excellent resources and guides for professional tours
  • See the sea turtles up close and grab some great memories (and photos) of these beautiful creatures
  • Try parasailing around the salty air of Manasota Key while seeing dolphins and manatees splashing below