Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key was voted the number one beach many times and for good reason. This sandy stretch of paradise is home to some of the most amazing views and relaxing vibe in the area. Known for its crystalline sand and calm, warm waters, individuals and families flock to Siesta Key for rest, relaxation, and a bit of fun. Find out why this beach is ranked so highly with just about everyone who comes in contact with the beautiful beaches and its residents.

Siesta Key Beach

More Beaches, More Fun

Siesta Key has been known by many names, including ‘Little Sarasota Key,’ for its proximity to Sarasota. Siesta means nap while a key is a small, low-lying coral island. Siesta Key is well known for helping people take advantage of both napping and enjoying the coral reef. Situated on Florida’s famous Gulf Coast, this barrier island exists between Sarasota and the Gulf of Mexico. Within an hour, families can come from Tampa to enjoy a slower paced lifestyle for a day or longer and people come from around the world to enjoy its sandy shores. This vacation destination dazzles everyone who steps onto the beautiful beaches. The key actually has a few more beaches to enjoy:

  • Turtle Beach: on the southern tip, this is known for bringing a sportier vibe who likes lots of activity. There are playgrounds and picnic spots but also a horseshoe pit, boat launch area, fishing spots, and turtles to find during nesting season. There is also a campground
  • Crescent Beach is a beautiful spot but with less crowds. With one public access road, it is quieter with incredible views of the sunset and peaceful, serene vistas day and night. Point of Rocks is a unique area to see coral formations and marine life. Diving and snorkeling are popular with tourists and locals.


Park Office

  • 948 Beach Rd, Siesta Key, FL 34242


  • 6am - 12am

Park GPS Coordinates

  • Lattidude: 27.266389029702136
  • Longitude: -82.55062713180038

Siesta Key Beach

a world-famous beach with ‘the whitest and finest sand’ anywhere in the world. The sand is made up of 99% quartz, directly from the Appalachian Mountains. This makes it fine, soft, and heat reflective. Jaws 5 was filmed there in the late 1980s. Families come for the playground and chill atmosphere while others may come to play tennis, try some volleyball or check into one of the hotels nearby

Siesta Key Beach Equipment Rentals

The hardest thing to do when cruising the keys is to get the right equipment for the job. That job is to have fun, relax and enjoy all Siesta Key has to offer. To do that, you must have the right stuff. Whether packing for one or an entire family, there are some essentials to look for:

  • Free beach gear delivery services exist for some things like strollers, umbrellas, chairs, and gear for the water. Check out local places like Siesta Sports Rentals and others to see what they offer
  • No trip is complete without a scooter or bike rental. Cruise around on a two-wheeled bike or electric version. Look into bike and kayak rentals that charge hourly, daily, or weekly fees. This may include car racks to transport or check out delivery services
  • Don’t leave Siesta Key without spending some time on the water. Paddleboards, kayaks, boats, and more can be rented, including jet skis that provide hours of fun on the waves

Fun To-Do List

People who come to Siesta Key look forward to trying something new. Why not look into free yoga, offered on the beach for visitors. Bring a mat or towel to enjoy the ambiance of a quiet moment spent in zen mode on the beach, listening to the waves crash against the shoreline. Rest in some bungalows on the beach, with some including a full kitchen. Dining options include lots of amazing, fresh seafood, including Turtle Beach Grill for families and boaters. Upscale dining options are also available on and near the water. For those who like something a little more interesting to add to their trip, Siesta Key Drum Circle gathers every Sunday evening an hour before sunset. Percussive beats bring locals and visitors to the sand to dance and listen to the drum rhythms as the night closes in. Cruise the keys in style with a bike, scooter, or boat rental on the water. Bikes and scooters are a great way to see the local area and get from place to place without a car. Boat rentals or excursions are a must for visitors who want to catch glimpses of the wildlife and see some of the marine life up close.


Photo Credit: (Chary Jackson)

Siesta Key Drum Circle

There is so much to see and do down in Siesta Key Beach. The more a person does, the more there is still left to do. The possibilities are endless to enjoy a quiet evening out, join a drum circle, relax with family, or get out on the water. Try one thing or try many, but the key in the Keys is to find what you most enjoy and lean into that experience as much as possible.

Beaches FAQ

A: Siesta Beach has 950 parking spots but get there early for best pick. Also note, people staying at the nearby resort can walk to the beach without driving.

A: Dogs are, unfortunately, not allowed on Siesta Key’s beaches. Nearby, those four-legged fur friends can enjoy family time at Christopher Wheeler Off-Leash Dog Park on Old Stickney Point Road in Siesta Key. Boyd Park offers leashed dogs a chance to play with friends and is on the waterfront.

A: There are plenty of options to enjoy Siesta Key once your time on the beach is done. There is boating, snorkeling, walking paths, dining options, and free yoga. Be sure to explore local shops and enjoy some shopping.

A: Four lifeguard stations exist along Siesta Beach. They are on duty daily from 10:00 am – 6:45 pm, Memorial Day through Labor Day. The stands are in bright colors (red, green, yellow, blue) to see them for assistance. There are no lifeguards on duty at Turtle Beach or Crescent Beach on the key.