South Lido Beach is a beautiful, scenic beach on the Gulf. Mangroves and naturalized areas make this beach park feel rustic. The unbeatable views from this public beach are what make it stand out on the SunCoast as an ideal spot to relax.

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South Lido Beach
(Ted Sperling Park at South Lido Beach)

South Lido Beach and Park are natural areas visitors love to come and see for the natural habitat and relaxation. South Lido Beach has picturesque beach areas, sand and lots of room to roam the beautiful water. Located on the southwestern tip of Lido Key in Sarasota, the 100 acre park is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico waters. Enjoy lots of activities with family and a slower pace at this beach. Some things to consider include:

  • South Lido Beach has picnic areas, barbecue grills, volleyball courts, children’s playground, and nature trails. Visitors can also enjoy restrooms on site.
  • Ample free parking is located near the park
  • Swimmers should beware of strong currents on the NW side of the waterway channel between North Siesta Key and South Lido Key. Mind the marked NO SWIMMING buoys for safety
  • Fishing and bird watching are two of the activities people enjoy away from the beach


Park Location

  • 2201 Benjamin Franklin Dr.
    Sarasota, FL 34236


  • 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Park GPS Coordinates

  • Lattidude: 27.299224108332563
  • Longitude: -82.56675810817721

South Lido Beach Map

South Lido, also known as Ted Sperling Park, is part of a series of barrier islands. A county commissioner opposed dredging and filling of beaches due to damage it could cause marine and coastal ecosystems. Florida has preserved this park from dredging for all to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and gorgeous waters of the Gulf. South Lido Beach offers beach access, families can enjoy picnic tables and a playground along with a calm area to play and enjoy the sunshine. Hotels and accommodation are nearby.

South Lido Beach Equipment Rentals

Looking for the right equipment to have fun on the beach can be a challenge. Local companies generally offer help for visitors. Find out what services are available at South Lido Beach:

  • Boat and kayak launches available. Local companies rent them or people can bring their own if they prefer to go on an unguided tour of the water and watch for wildlife
  • Most services deliver beach gear like strollers, umbrellas, and water gear. Look at sports rental equipment places for best services
  • The area is restricted for boating but paddle sports are allowed

Bird Watching At Lido Beach

For budding or professional ornithologists, Lido Beach is a bird lover’s paradise. The beach is patrolled for sea turtle nests during summer. These areas for nests are roped off by officials to keep them safe.  Birds such as breeding Snowy Plovers, wintering shorebirds, and lards come to hang out. Palmer Point has a documented site for shorebirds.


Paddle the Lido Mangrove Tunnels

Explore Lido mangrove tunnels where birds and marine life abound. Open water can bring encounters with manatees or bottlenose dolphins. Deeper inside the mangroves, visitors will experience a labyrinth of trees and explore the ecosystem up close. Stand up paddleboards and kayaks are encouraged. Tours are available.


South Lido Beach FAQ

A: Lido Beach Park offers free parking near the beach.

A: The beach is best known for its ecotourism features and contribution to keeping the water and area safe for wildlife and enjoyable for visitors.

Yes, there is a concession stand with treats, food, and nibbles for beachgoers located right by the Lido Beach.