Longboat Key Beach

Longboat Key is the paradise visitors long for. Beautiful sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico and warm tropical breezes round out an inviting place to relax, play, and have fun.

Indulge in Paradise On Longboat Key

Longboat Key has the whitest sand beaches anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a walk on the shores of the turquoise waters or making sandcastles, visitors love to step onto the beach and away from the world for a while. The fishing is great, sailboats and watercraft have easy access to enjoy the water and marine life along with plenty of options for accommodations. Hotels, condos, and beach houses are just a few of the places visitors love to stay and indulge in all Longboat Key Beach has to offer. Check out a few more ways to enjoy this outstanding beach:

  • Twelve access points on Longboat Key provide lots of room to get onto this public beach that feels ‘private.’ No lifeguards on duty, but plenty of options to explore the sand and surf in a safe way
  • Break a sweat on an eco trek. Recreational activities are part of the fun on Longboat Key and Beach. Visitors can check out tennis courts at Cedars Tennis Resort (Olympic-sized swimming pool: natch)
  • Stay at Longboat Key Club for high class pro facilities, golfing, and more or grab a bike for the pathway nearby and enjoy cruising the paved paths around the island while enjoying the views



  • 5am - 9pm

Park GPS Coordinates

  • Lattidude: 27.375956490875705
  • Longitude: -82.63370105652795

Longboat Key Beach Map

Longboat Key is accessible along different points on Gulf of Mexico Drive. Blue signs point the way to paradise. Along most of Longboat Key, beaches don’t offer amenities like restrooms or concessions but are also quite private and less crowded. 10 miles of uncrowded beach and white sand make it a great place to land for an afternoon of fun in the sun. Parking is limited along Gulf of Mexico Drive including some handicap accessible parking and access points for watercraft.

Family Activities

When families come to visit Longboat Key, there are many options to keep in mind. One of them is the Mote Aquarium. This safe haven provides a chance to see animals up close and enjoy their playful and interesting nature. Otters, manatees and other animals are on display to visit and learn about delicate ecosystems and how they impact wildlife. Kids of all ages, including adults, can learn alot from these beautiful creatures. Other activities in the area include family friendly boat rides, kayaking the mangroves, beach walking to look for shells and relaxing on Coquina Beach. Beer Can Island provides some beautiful views and scenic overlooks for tranquil space to get away for peace and quiet.


Photo Credit: (docksidewaterfrontgrill.com)


Visitors to Longboat Key are attracted to dining options unique to the Gulf Coast. Shore is one of several restaurants right on the water with many docks. The Dockside Waterfront Grill is another top local seafood joint and has beautiful views of the Intracoastal Waterway from the Tiki hut style covering. A handful of restaurants and dining options include boating up to a place for a sip or a bite of food.


Boat Rentals

Getting around the marina and waterways of Longboat Key are made more simple by the various options. Bluewave Boat Rental, Siesta Key Watersports and CB’s Saltwater Outfitters are just a few of the places providing options for renting boats and gear to make getting out on the water an amazing and enjoyable experience.


Photo Credit: (longboatkeychamber.com)

Resorts and Accommodations

Due to the privatization and quiet nature of Longboat Key, high end resorts such as Zota Beach Resort, among others, are available for accommodation. Other resorts feature family-friendly options, vacation rentals are like having a beach cottage all to oneself and finding each moment a break from the grind with a beautiful beachy day just footsteps away. There are nearby apartment style rentals and condos along with full-scale resorts to please any visitor’s desires to get away and explore while having the vacation of one’s dreams.


Ecological Dreams

The beaches are only one part of the wild landscape of Longboat Key. Many visitors will love the beach life with visits to Almost Heaven Kayak Adventures that provide up-close ecological tours and services. Reach out for specific information on lagoons and mangrove water activities like kayaking and canoeing or paddle boarding. Fishing is also a great time by checking out Ken Thompson Park or going under New Pass Bridge for best spots. Look around for bait and tackle shops and for information on any permits needed to fish.


Longboat Key FAQ

A: Longboat Key offers some upscale and luxury accommodation for guests including resorts along with fine dining and waterfront golf options. Many visitors come for the 12 miles of white sand beaches which make it a premier destination to get away.

A: Visitors to Longboat Key love to check out the beaches and water. Popular activities  include kayaking, paddle boarding, paddleboard yoga classes, visiting mangrove tunnels by water, yachting, boating, and swimming. 

A: With 12 public access points to the beaches, there are many less crowded areas than other beaches nearby. The feel of a ‘private beach’ comes with a cost in that there are no lifeguards on duty nor are there public restrooms for use. Visitors should use caution when coming to the beaches in Longboat Key.