Sarasota Boat Clubs

With so many boaters in Florida, boat clubs have become a popular way to network with other like-minded sailers. Explore the boat clubs of Sarasota and the SunCoast!

Sarasota Boat Clubs

Sarasota boating clubs have grown in appeal in recent years. Although it may seem strange to take out someone else’s boat, there is an appeal to boat-sharing much as any other type of sharing service. There is a huge cost-benefit to people who share their boats with one another. Clubs have grown in popularity to supply boaters with appropriate regulations and rules to keep everyone safe and enjoying the experience. Find out more about boating clubs in Sarasota and how to get involved.

Freedom Boat Club

The company was founded in Sarasota 30 years ago with clubs all over the world. Tens of thousands of members have joined the ranks with a huge surge in the past few years. More than 400,000 trips have been booked for boaters. This large boat club has a vision to deliver a recreational boating experience for members that is unrivaled in Sarasota. Although this idea was new when they created it, other boat clubs have popped up. What sets them apart is a fraternity of boat owners who continue to store their vessels at marinas, docks, and yacht clubs while looking for a central place to call their own as an alternative. 

Freedom Boat Club is a home for many boaters who welcome a broad mix of members from beginner to experienced, young to retired. Members can call ahead to reserve a date, time, and type of boat. More locations to host more boats is on the list because so many people want to give it a try. They love the freedom that comes from taking a boat out on open water. Membership fees vary with monthly fees starting around $400 a month with an entry fee to get started. Freedom plans are less expensive but restrict use on holidays and weekends. Fuel use is extra.


Waves on Siesta Key

For around $5,000 start-up free, boaters can take a boat out on open water any time they like. Monthly fees vary. Partial and full day rentals can be utilized along with holiday and weekend bookings, made in advance, with the right plan. Their marina offers a wide variety of support for boaters and places to park. Waves Club was started in October, 2004, to help boaters find a way to access boats more easily. More than 5 locations, 50 vessels, and 500 members have joined the ranks. Social events are part of the club, also, for members who want to get to know other members of the boating community.


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Suntex Marinas has more than a century of combined experience. Suntex believes in being dedicated to personal and professional integrity. Their determination to be stewards of sustainable and inclusive communities is part of their growth. Whether it is skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, or fishing, Suntex provides a boat to suit everyone’s needs. Unlimited access to pontoons, tritoons, and runabouts are all available at Suntext. New boaters don’t need to worry. They are trained alongside other professionals. Choose a boat and learn how to use it alongside other new boaters.


Why Boat Share

Boat sharing is attractive to people who like boating but don’t want to store or maintain a vessel. There are packages available, partiers, single memberships, and other types of ways to enjoy the benefits of the experience. The most popular boats have been pleasure cruisers like pontoons and deck boats. There are those who like to fish halso and spend a day out on the water looking for their next catch.