Anna Maria Beach

Anna Maria Beach is a classic Florida destination spot with calm, tranquil waters and quiet sand bathing opportunities for travelers looking for a quiet little vacation spot to relax.

Anna Maria Beach

Among the six award-winning beaches on Anna Maria Island, Anna Maria Beach is in a class all its own. Located on the northern tip of the island, it is known as a more remote stretch of sand with tranquil waters and calmer atmosphere. Just down the way, five other beaches provide the pizazz and convivial spirit some beach goers desire. For families with kids or individuals and couples who want a quiet destination, Anna Maria Beach is the perfect getaway.



  • 7am - 9pm

Park GPS Coordinates

  • Lattidude: 27.496030528078887
  • Longitude: -82.71258048685692

Anna Maria Beach

Anna Maria Island is one of Florida’s best kept secrets, with seven miles of white-sand beaches that are tranquil and gorgeous, separating the Gulf of Mexico from Florida’s main peninsula.

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Dining near Anna Maria Beach

Sandbar Restaurant is a beautiful little spot near Anna Maria Beach. This restaurant boasts a history going back to 1911, when the island was only reachable by boat. The current Sandbar is considered to be one of the best restaurants on Anna Maria Island. The menu is full of seafood, fish tacos, sandwiches, and premium foods like oysters. Gulf seafood is fresh and ready to serve with beautiful waterfront views. Visitors can literally wiggle their toes in the sand while they eat, which makes it fun for kids and adults alike. Other dining options nearby include smaller eateries, some fine dining at resorts or local restaurants serving fresh, healthy cuisine and quick bites for those who want a less formal dining experience.


Rod n Reel Pier

Anna Maria Beach is a great destination to stop and take in some unique sites. Tucked away from Sarasota’s livelier scenes is this quiet corner, a perfect spot to check out Rod n Reel Pier. An ‘Old Florida’ treasure, this spot boasts renowned restaurants with a walkout pier and amazing views. The pier boasts a two story restaurant out on the Gulf of Mexico. Casual dining along with fine dining, a bar and more is available. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the views are gorgeous and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge makes it a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere for all to bask in the glorious sunshine of this coastal piece of paradise.

Beach Amenities

Anna Maria Beach is best suited for families and locals who want a quieter, more peaceful place to rest away from crowds. The beach offers a wild, more natural beach area along with birdwatching and opportunities to watch sea turtles in nesting season. There is little to no parking right there, it requires a little bit of walking. Sometimes classes like yoga are held on the beach. Dogs are not allowed.

Beach Area

Around the area there are plenty of things to do if visitors are done on the beach. Bay Boulevard and Pine Avenue offer several attractions to explore. Bayfront Park and Anna Maria Historical Society are interesting places to visit. Boutiques and stores are also great places to visit. 

Bean Point is walking distance. The white sand beaches are a draw and this destination is just a short distance from Anna Maria Beach. There is walking distance from Manatee Public Beach and Coquina Beach further south to Rod and Reel Pier. Be sure to check out free trolley rides in-between to cut back on transit time to and from the area (and just for fun).


Nesting Turtles

Anna Maria Island boasts beautiful nesting turtles. The Loggerhead Turtle comes to visit the island in the months of May through October. The marked nests pop up throughout the beach area. They are beautiful to see and play a role in the ecosystem of the island. They are protected and not to be touched or played with, only enjoyed from afar. Sea turtles help protect the waters and play a vital role in maintaining marine habitats. They are fun to see but also need protected status to keep them from experiencing harm from boating, littering, fishing, or too much human engagement, especially during nesting season.


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Other Activities At Anna Maria Island

Sometimes people want to do more than walk on the beach or go in the water. When it is time to pursue land based activities for a while, Anna Maria Island has plenty to offer. The unique beach has amazing nature parks and vegetation lined paths to enjoy during a walk. Visitors can also rent a bike, golf car, scooter, or other mode of transportation to have fun while visiting the area. Be sure to ride the free trolley from one end of the island to the other. Anna Maria Island does not require a car to get around. Kayaks, paddleboards, skis, boats, and more are on offer too for those who want to get out into the water for a bit.


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Anna Maria Beach Resort

Anna Maria Beach Resort combines modern amenities with a coastal setting that will bring people back time and again. The luxury vacation visitors always dreamed of is only moments away from the beach itself and lots of sand and sun. There is a large, heated outdoor pool and hot tub with a restaurant on-site and plenty of activities to keep families entertained and busy. Smaller places are available near the beach that also offer their own entertainment and space to relax.

Anna Maria Beach FAQ

A: Visitors love to come to Anna Maria Island and Beach because it is close to things to do, small vacation rentals, and outstanding beaches. Lots of little shops and places to dine are nearby and it is quiet but still fun for individuals and families with kids.

A: It is safe to swim off the waters. There are no lifeguards on this part of Anna Maria Island but it is safe to swim as long as visitors follow any posted signs and restrictions.


A: Anna Maria Island is a premier destination for shark teeth hunting and looking for shells. Anna Maria Beach also offers chances to spot ocean treasures, wildlife in the water such as dolphins but no sharks. Shark tooth hunting experts are nearby and sell buckets or you can bring your own to capture these treasures to bring home.

A: The Bradenton Beach Commission reminds guests and visitors to beaches on Anna Maria Island, including Anna Maria Beach, that animals, alcohol, fires, or glass bottles are not allowed. There are dining spots nearby that serve alcoholic beverages and various cuisines for those who are interested.

A: North of Siesta Key and West of Bradenton, Anna Maria Island offers some of the clearest water and emerald green colors in the area. It is a more private, quiet island to get away and enjoy some solitude but also has beautiful, clear waters for activities like snorkeling, boating, and time on the sand.