Scooter & Golf Cart Rental

Get around the SunCoast in style with a rented scooter or golf cart! There are plenty of 2 and 4 wheel zoomers available to make your trip enjoyable!

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Scooter & Golf Cart Rental

Driving around Sarasota seems like a dream come true with the sun shining and beautiful weather year round. Scooters and golf carts are fun to drive around but they are not allowed on every road way in Sarasota. It helps to know what’s available, where to ride, and some things to keep in mind when renting. Check out some of the tips for getting the most out of a scooter and golf cart rental in Sarasota.

Scoot Around

The wind and breeze in your face and a warm wind at your back. Nothing feels finer than this, especially on vacation in Florida. Popular, safe, and eco-friendly scooters are built for getting people from point A to point B but it comes with some nuances to keep in mind before heading onto the open road


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Types of Scooters

The most popular type of scooters are 2 passenger, 49CC scooters. To explore the coast on one of these, they rent by half a day, daily rates, on up to weekly prices for long-term vacation goers. These scooters can range from $45 to $250 a week.

ScootCoupes are a popular way to get around the islands though they’re not street legal on the main roads. Cruise around in a scenic cart/scoot car for up to $500 for a week. Not recommended for more than a few people at a time.


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What to Know:

Street legal scooters can be delivered by some companies, driver’s license required and must be age 18 to rent. Be sure to grab helmets and safety gear when riding or rent from a company. 

ScootCoupes require 21 years of age or older to rent or drive, including helmets and a trunk for belongings. Visitors will need a driver’s license and most don’t deliver. Check with the company renting prior to booking.


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Segways use dynamic stabilization to stay upright and work with the body’s movements. When the rider leans forward, so does the Segway. Customers must take a 15-20 minute training session to learn how to ride and operate a Segway. Helmets are required. Segways are rented for tours and with groups led by companies. Riders should be at least 12 years of age or older with weight restrictions. They can be used anywhere a pedestrian can walk. Comfortable clothes are required and good weather to keep things safe.


Golf Carts

Renting a golf cart to explore stretches of beach that go for miles sounds like a dream. A great way to explore the beach paradise of Sarasota is to look at Anna Maria Island or other island areas that offer popular, eco-friendly carts that are legal anywhere the speed limit is 35 mph or less (Anna Maria, Holmes Beach, Bradenton Beach north of Coquina Beach).


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How They Run

Golf carts can run up to 25 miles before losing a charge and require charging after use. They don’t use gas to fill the tank and park in small spaces. Take carts shopping, out to the beach or to dinner. ENjoy eating ice cream and sit in the open air golf cart rather than a vehicle.


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Rental Options

Most golf cart options include four, six, or eight passenger golf carts. With storage rooms, it is possible to use them for shopping and carrying loads of things to the beach. They have seat belts, headlights, turn signals, and windshields. Keep this in mind:

  • Golf carts require drivers to be 21 years of age or older
  • Insurance and license are required at time of booking
  • Carts are not to driven on sidewalks, bike lanes or beaches
  • Headlights allow for night driving
  • Most carts have a 48 volt battery system and go up to 60 miles on a charge but look into each model before deciding

Where to Book

Places around the islands offer rentals and Sarasota near the beaches. Look at Beach Bums Recreational Rentals and Gift Shop in Anna Maria, Florida or Fun and More Rentals in Holmes Beach, Florida. Getting around the island is easy when using a cart to find your way. These rental companies offer the procedures and necessary rules to get you where you want to go in style.