Sailing Sarasota

The most iconic element of the Caribbean sea is the salty sea breeze that carries sailing ships across the crystal blue waters. Learn how and where to sail along the Florida SunCoast!

Sailing Sarasota

Nothing beats being out on the open water in Sarasota. The beautiful scenery, wildlife, and sand are all around as the waves push the boat further out to sea. It can be quite a serene experience. Visitors come from near and far to experience the peaceful tranquility of Sarasota sunsets, cruising the perimeter of the local keys and staying awhile to explore all the area has to offer. Find out why sailing is one of the most unique and exciting ways to experience Sarasota.


Florida Sailing Tips

When thinking about going sailing, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Where, for how long, and with how many people (to get a good cost estimate)
  • What type of craft (yacht, small boat, small sail, etc)
  • What is the experience of crew running the trip
  • What condition are the boats in and how are they maintained
  • Check reviews, speak with locals and gather information before making a decision
  • Know how well they adhere to safety guidelines for their craft, crewmen (and women) and visitors who come aboard

Following these guidelines as a basis for choosing a place to do business can make the experience not only safer but more enjoyable.


Sailing Yacht Charters

Sunset sailing around Sarasota offers glimpses of miraculous water, beach, and wildlife. Charters are a great way to sail around without the expense of owning and maintaining a boat, but are especially good for visitors who want to explore the open seas. Charters last from two hours on up and can be a dream come true. Not only is it a great way to celebrate birthdays or family get-togethers, it might be fun to take the helm during a lesson or two and learn how to sail yourself and your loved ones around. Prices are reasonable starting around $50 per person and up. Prices vary per company.


Sailing Squadron

The Sarasota Sailing Squadron is well known for its camaraderie and races. They host regattas, cruises, environmental projects, parties, and more. Sailing instruction is also offered. Young people can take a turn at the helm. Veteran sailors love to teach and offer others who visit or locals a chance to take part in something exciting and fun. The club plans monthly cruises to various ports and provides a great opportunity to check out the sights.


Sara-bay Sailing School and Charter

This charter offers a full range of American Sailing Association (ASA) certified courses. There are captained charters and sailboat rentals for daily experiences. Basic instruction covers all a person needs to know to get on the water including tacking, jibing, and basic recovery. Docking, reefing, and other skills are offered also. Bareboat Chartering allows students to charter a boat in the islands and go overnight. THese important experiences help train new people in the art of sailing.


Latitude Sailing Charter

Outdoor activities are the heart of Sarasota. Sailing the local waterways by charter is a great way to see the sights. One way is bareboat, or about chartered without a skipper or crew. A visitor can charter their own boat for breakfast, cruise around, see some destinations, snorkel, and return at sunset. A captained sail is a yacht chartered with an experienced sea captain who helps everyone enjoy the ride and be on the water with someone there the whole time showing them the ropes. Latitude offers a variety of cruises for a few hours or a whole day and can teach people the ropes as they go.


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Private Yacht Club

Sarasota Yacht Club offers private experiences on the bay with customized charters. Memberships can include many levels of support for sailors. They can relax at the club in style after being out on the water all day. The yacht club is the only private one in the Sarasota/Tampa Bay area and only one of ten in the whole United States to be awarded a Distinguished Elite Club award. Sailors who want to enjoy luxury sailing experiences can’t go wrong with choosing this place. Their goal is to provide extraordinary experiences for clients and support their vision of sailing in style.