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Bad Things About Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Florida. Living here is a dream for many people and those who do call it home love the beaches, warm weather, and amazing wildlife. For every upside, there is also a downside. Despite its idyllic qualities, there are some bad things about Sarasota, Florida to […]

Things to Do with Kids in Venice, Florida

Venice, Florida is located on the Gulf of Mexico. The ‘Shark’s Tooth Capital of the World’ offers shimmering sandy beaches and beautiful water that families love to visit yearly. Along with beaches, families can enjoy shopping and great activities with kids. Find out the best things to do with kids in Venice Florida, and how […]

Sarasota Beach Weddings

Couples looking for a great getaway for their wedding, whether big or small, love to hit Sarasota’s coastline. Sarasota beach weddings have been popular for years because of the great weather, wonderful ambiance, and, of course, beautiful beaches. Choosing where to have the wedding is another challenge. Find out more about popular Sarasota beach wedding […]